Dog Friendly Parks in Murrieta & Temecula


Murrieta and Temecula has some great parks for both you and your dog to enjoy!    As a dog lover myself, I believe it is one of the many great perks of living in this area.  Here are some of the best community dog friendly parks in the area:


Woof! Dog Park in Torey Pines Park- Offers a fenced in off-leash dog area for both small and large dogs.  Also, features a dog drinking fountain.

Glen Arbor Park- Beautiful park with wooded trails.  Your dog must be on-leash at this park.

Bear Valley Park- Great park with clean trails and spectacular views. This is an on-leash park.


Redhawk Community Park- Has separate enclosed off-leash areas for both small & large dogs and features a dog drinking fountain.

Margarita Dog Park- Has an enclosed off-leash dog park area.

These parks don’t always have bags available to pick up your pet waste so it is best to always come prepared with your own.  Please be considerate and pick up after your dog.  Also, these parks have different rules enforced by the city.  Please read the signs and abide by the rules to keep these parks safe and clean.

If you are looking to buy or sell in Southern California, I’d love to help!



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